PaidVerts PowerUser BTC Faucet Rotator

ATTENTION MTV/PaidVerts users, with MTV's new Bitcoin Deposit Server, users can deposit as little as .00001 BTC anytime they wish into their MTV Bitcoin account. Go here, if you're not familiar with how to deposit Bitcoin into your account--it's very easy to do! Every time you go back to your deposit page, you are assigned a new Bitcoin Address to deposit to, but all previous addresses you were assigned in earlier visits will also work-forever.

This is where the PaidVerts PowerUser Bitcoin Faucet Rotator comes in! With this unique rotator, you can easily claim FREE Bitcoins from the Internet's BEST Bitcoin Faucets and have them automatically deposited into your MTV/PV account where you can Buy RPs, Play Games, Purchase Ads or Invest in the FTQ!

Below is a list of the best (and growing) faucets available today. They each have their own timers and amounts you can claim, but they're all FREE and together they can add up to quite a bit by the end of the day. Just click on the first link and best of all:

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Advertisements are a critical source of revenue. More faucet incomes, more bitcoins give out.